Famous Historical Museums

The role of museums are very great. They serve as an instrument to gain knowledge and understanding about the past. Artifacts or any remains that shows about the past are displayed in every museum around the world. A lot of historical museums exist as well as arts museum and cultural museum. Have you ever experienced to enter in a museum? It was definitely amazing!

You can gain greater knowledge if you go to a museum. The artifacts that are displayed will surely catch your attention. If you are much interested in history, museums are of great help. Take a look at the following famous historical museums.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo

It has the greatest collection of ancient Egypt especially the golden mask of Egyptian kings as well as their golden jewelries. Also, there are collections of religious sculptures. Among the famous symbols of Egypt is the Tutankhamun’s golden mask. You will surely be amazed and fascinated by the collection of treasures displayed inside the museum.

Capitoline Museum, Rome

In this museum, you can see a lot of bronze statues that serves as a symbol of Rome. Aside from these statues, there are famous collections designed by Michaelangelo Buonarroti. A very famous bronze statue found inside the museum is the statue of Marcus Aurelius.

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

The culture of ancient Mexico is shown in the museum. There are collections of sculptures and carved stones. Beliefs and practices of the ancient Aztecs, Maya, and other ancient civilizations are also shown here.