The Ancient Civilizations

A country is known to be a “civilized country” when it already reached the advanced stage of social development and organization. In history, we have heard about the great and ancient civilizations. Isn’t it interesting? It can draw anybody’s attention especially those who are fond of history.

Some of the ancient civilizations no longer exist in this age. While others, they still exist but the nation or kingdom has been changed with a different name. There are numerous historical museums throughout the world that shows about the ancient civilizations.

Archaeologists have been conducting some research and excavations to find some artifacts that shows ancient civilization.

It is of great importance to know and understand things that happened in the past. In this article, you can see about some of the great and ancient civilizations.

The Persian Empire

This empire is very great and powerful located in Eurasia. Actually, this empire is a combination of 2 kingdoms: Media and Persia. Since Persia is superior to Media, the empire is known as the “Persian Empire“. Persians are very skillful in terms of war because they have a military tactic known as assimilation conquering. Aside from great military skills, Persians are very advanced in areas such as chemistry, mathematics, and numeric system.

The Roman Empire

In the history of mankind, this empire is known as the most powerful empire. It also conquered the Persian Empire. If you look at the culture of Rome, you can notice that Greek culture influenced theirs’.

The empire consists of so-called European countries. Though it was very powerful, the time came when the Germanic tribes invade it and won a victory.